"We hired Carissa as a Month-Of planner, but she was SO MUCH more than that. She seriously goes above and beyond for you. She is so organized and personable which made working with her so wonderful. Every month she sent a checklist to help keep me on track for the planning I was doing on my own, which was awesome. She was even an amazing sounding board for non-planning-related issues too ha!

On our wedding day, everything went so so smoothly.

If anything went remotely wrong - I am still blissfully unaware because she found a way to fix it. My husband and I both agree, everyone should hire Carissa and her team! One million percent recommend!"


"Carissa is AMAZING!! With only 1 month until our wedding, I was a bit overwhelmed trying to plan the whole wedding on my own, but once Carissa stepped in, my fears melted. Hiring Carissa as our day-of coordinator was one of the best investments I made for the day. She is kind, hard-working, and willing to go the extra mile to make your day beautiful. She also stayed very flexible throughout the day and everything ran so smooth. Carissa helped to set up the site and it looked amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone."



"Carissa was hired to be our wedding planner after we had to change venues a month and a half before our wedding. We were already stressed about having to basically start over with planning but Carissa Definately put our minds at ease. Usually a wedding planner has quite a bit of time to help plan a wedding. Carissa did the impossible by making sure everything was just perfect. Crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. I would recommend Carissa to anyone who wants the most perfect and easy going experience of planning their wedding!"

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"Carissa was amazing to work with. She helped us identify the smaller details we would've otherwise missed. She was flexible with our venue given covid-19 circumstances and even created two different schedules since we had to wait until the week before to determine if we were allowed to have an indoor reception. We were both impressed with her quick communication and willingness to help us with whatever we needed. The day went so smooth and everything was beautiful!"


"Can’t rave more about Carissa and her coordinating team! She was so professional and genuine throughout the entire planning process and on the day of! Can’t imagine our day going any smoother without her. We had some issues with our dessert vendor…almost leaving us without dessert for our 200 plus guests. Carissa did a great job handling the situation and even offered to run to the store and buy us cakes! So sweet! Thank you Carissa for making our special day so perfect. If you’re looking for a day of coordinator, Carissa is your gal. You won’t regret it!"

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"Do yourself a favor and hire Carissa as your wedding coordinator! I’m an administrative assistant by trade and I came into the wedding process thinking I could do it all by myself. *Nope*. I’m glad I found Carissa, she’s everything I hoped for and more! She’s great at understanding your vision, communicating constantly, noticing the details, and keeping you on schedule. My three biggest thank you’s to her involve: 1. The décor for my wedding reception. I had a small wedding budget and zero manpower to DIY anything. With the little I help I provided, Carissa worked magic to create a beautiful, welcoming and romantic space. 2. I’m also grateful to her for making “the show go on” even when the unexpected happened; part of my family missed the wedding ceremony and our taco caterer arrived over an hour late. I trusted her completely and didn’t panic for a second. 3. I'm super grateful to her for her patience and understanding as we drafted new plans, scratched them, made changes, and more changes, and on and on until the very last minute... Without Carissa, the wedding would not have come together.''


"If you are looking for a wedding coordinator, go with Positively Charming and you will not be disappointed!! What drew us to Carissa first was her affordability and calm disposition. She was extremely professional and kept all of our best interests in mind. She really proved her skills when it RAINED on our wedding day when we had planned for an outdoor wedding. We tried to wait out the rain and last minute we decided to move inside. Within 30 minutes, Carissa was able to coordinate moving the ceremony into our reception location and it ended up being absolutely beautiful!! I also walked down the aisle on time, which still blows me away. Carissa was professional, calm and was crucial for everything to work out so smoothly. Carissa kept the night moving by providing gentle reminders for anyone with responsibilities. Carissa made it a priority for my husband and me to enjoy dinner, dessert, and dancing. We also were able to greet every single one of our guests! This would not have happened without her guiding us through the night. I do not have a single regret from my wedding because she helped us to enjoy every single moment. I am so sincerely grateful for her coordination services and wish that everyone could have her as their wedding coordinator!!"

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"My husband and I planned our wedding for over a year. Like any wedding, you can plan, plan, plan, and there will always be a small detail that was overlooked during planning, or a hiccup from a vendor, etc. Carissa was more than a leader, truly, she was super woman! We had heavy winds the day of our wedding which called for a lot of quick thinking and problem solving in regards to our set up and decor. Carissa went above and beyond in many regards. For example: she made sure all of our name tents were taped down (something I didn't plan on); she also made sure our signs were adequately placed so they would not tumble with the wind, etc. Additionally, Carissa was overseeing all of our vendors who in some way or another also ran into unforeseen challenges. She worked with them and directed them on how to readjust. In the end I was so pleased with the outcome. My favorite part of having Carissa on our big day was right before walking out for our entrance into the reception. She made it a point for my husband and I to have a few moments to ourselves and just pause. Wow. Looking back, I cannot say how much I truly appreciated that moment. I cannot even imagine how our vendors and the small details that needed to be adjusted spontaneously, would have all worked out. It would have been mayhem. She's truly amazing and will go above and beyond your expectations!"


"I don’t know what my husband & I would have done without Carissa’s help! She was there every step of the way and made wedding planning so much easier for us. Every month she was on it with making sure we were completing tasks that needed to be done! She also took care of all the communication between vendors, which we greatly appreciated because it took some stress off of our shoulders. And on the day of the wedding we felt so relaxed, because we knew Carissa (& her assistant Katie) would make sure the day went perfectly, which it did, since Carissa & Katie were handling anything that needed to be taken care of. But what we loved most about working with Carissa is her attention to detail in everything she does! We’re both very detail oriented people, so we were happy that Carissa is too. We both highly recommend anyone planning a wedding to work with Carissa, because she will go above & beyond to make sure you have your dream wedding!"

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"Carissa was an incredible wedding coordinator! She helped me stay organized and sane throughout the wedding planning process and was helpful with keeping my extremely large wedding party (20 of us!) on time to each part of the day. The thing I liked best about having Carissa as our wedding coordinator was that I was able to enjoy the day and was never bothered with questions or having to worry about something not going right because she took care of it before it ever got to me. In fact, I found out about things that could have gone wrong after I returned from my honeymoon that Carissa took care of and I never even knew about since it was handled perfectly. Another thing that I especially appreciated was feeling cared for beyond just keeping the day moving and going smoothly. She looked out for how my husband and I were feeling emotionally and made sure to carve out time for us to rest, take a break from pictures, and made sure we stayed hydrated and actually got to eat our meals. She helped keep the focus of the day about us. It is so easy for that to get lost when you have many guests that you want to please, so we appreciated having someone to step in and look out for our best interest. Hiring Carissa for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!"


"My husband and I just got married in August. The two of us, along with our families, have had many a discussion since then about how incredible Carissa was from the very start. Carissa was not only incredible and seamless on our actual wedding day, but she was there every step of the way as we were planning our wedding. Carissa was extremely organized and prompt in everything she assisted me with leading up to the wedding. She is incredibly kind and generous and above all she is efficient in making sure that your wedding is exactly how you want it to be. On our wedding day, Carissa was seamless. Every single thing I had worried about getting done was handled, and everyone and everything was precisely organized how I had wanted it. Our entire wedding would not have been anywhere close to as organized and as beautiful as it was with Carissa being our coordinator. Since our wedding, we have received comments from each of our vendors on how efficient and lovely Carissa was to work with. As a bride, that is the best thing you could hear. The best part was that every time I saw her at the wedding, she was so calm and relaxed and seemed to genuinely be enjoying herself. Carissa has a true gift in serving others and I know any other bride who is lucky enough to have Carissa's help with be incredibly blessed!"

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